Ayurvedic Pharmacy


We are the bulk suppliers of quality Ayurvedic medicines in India & abroad


General Products


Creme based


1)      Face crème

2)      Anti-itching Crème

3)      Anti-aging crème

4)      Anti- acne

5)      Sun screen




1)      Ayurvedic shampoo gel based

2)      Ayurvedic shampoo powder




Combination of herbs

a)      Solid form

b)      Powder form


Gel based


Hair gel


Powder based


1) Ayurvedic Tea

a)      Vatha

b)      Pitha

c)      Kapha


2) Diabetic Tea

3) Herbal drinking water powder

4) Ayurvedic Herbal soup


Ayurvedic scrubber


It's a special scrubber for removing the dead skin cell and it provides cooling effect, and reduces the bad odour of the perspiration





Herbal powders for various Purposes


1)      Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) for Vigour & vitality

2)      Ajamoda (Carum carvi) for Especially for children for anorexia, indigestion,   
         dysentery, urticaria, stomach upset

3)      Vasa (Adathoda vasica) for Cough, cold, nasal bleeding, Bronchitis, allergy,
4)      Licorice (Glycirihyza glabra) for  Soar throat, to increase the sperm count, ulcer

5)      Sesame (Sesamum indicum) for Oligomenorrhoea (Scanty menstruation), 
         application on wound as for healing as an anti infective.


And lot of other powders like Triphala, Brahmi, Neem etc also.



Product for specific ailments/condition


Panchakarma Oil: specifically designed for Ayurvedic massage,

This gives relief from arthritic, rheumatic and inflammatory condition.


And oils for







For Vigour and Vitality


Balaswagandhadi Oil



Process based products


Skin Care | Immunity Booster Pack




a)      Powder for making up the decoction

b)      Special variety of medicinal rice only available in Kerala


Anti-rheumatic| anti-arthritic Pack | Anti-inflammatory


Powder for doing the process 


Name Uses


1          Aswagandha                

Withania somnifera                   Vigour & vitality


2          Ajamoda                     

Carum carvi                  Especially for children for anorexia,   

indigestion, dysentery, urticaria, stomach upset


3          Vasa                           

Adathoda vasica           Cough, cold, nasal bleeding, Bronchitis, allergy, sinusitis


4          Licorice                       

Glycirihyza glabra         Soar throat, to increase the sperm count, ulcer


5          Sesame                       

Sesamum indicum         Oligomenorrhoea (Scanty menstruation), Application on

wound as for healing as an anti-infective


6          Sarpagandha               

Rawolfia serpentina       Reduce hypertension, for insomnia


7          Eagle Wood                 Used for fumigation as an insecticide, Joint pain



8          Castor

Ricinus comunis            Edema, Purgative


9          Fenugreek                    After pain in delivery, menstrual pain, Breast milk, Diuretic

Trigonella foenum



10        Catechu Tree

Acacia catechu Skin disease like psoriasis, leucoderma, urticaria etc


11        Black Pepper

Piper nigrum                 To remove the channel blocks


12        Costus root

Saussurea lappa            Rheumatic and arthritic pain


13        Kurunthtty

Sida cordifolia              Excellent remedy for rheumatic complaints


14        Dried ginger

Zingiber officinalis         To remove the channel blocks




15        Green Gram

Phaseolus mungo          Used for bath to wash the body, it removes

the oil and gives fresh appearance to the skin, dandruff


16        Long pepper

Piper longum                Digestion, for pelvic spasm


17        White murda

Terminalia arjuna          To give strength to the heart muscles


18        Indian Goose berry

Emblica officinalis         Anti – aging


19                Lodh tree

Simplicos laurina           Good for all kinds of eye diseases, Uterine disorders


20        Indian sarsaparilla

Hemidesmus indicus      Healthy drink from this medicine helps in reliving thirst and gives cool nature to the body


21        Turmeric

Curcuma longa Excellent for skin, acene, glow, probiotic                      


22        Horse Gram

Dolichos biflorus           Removes  bladder and kidney stone, Diuretic,

Reduces cholesterol


24        Indian madder              Used in skin diseases,

Rubia cordifolia            Anti inflammatory, Blood purifier


25        Nut grass

Cyprus rotundus           Good for worm infections and blood purifier


26        Ghokshura

Tribulus terestris           Good for urinary bladder, diuretic, removes stones


27        Indian kino tree              


 marsupiam                   Reduces weight and improves the skin texture, for the gum diseases, and gingivitis


                   28        Sweet flag

                               Acorus calamus            improves the memory power, and helps to improve the  



29        Cumin

Cuminum ciminum         Its carmininative , hiccup, heart function


30        Coriander

Coriandrum sativum      Expels out the phlegm, Helps for the digestion,

Gives a cooling effect to the body



                   31        Vaka                            Skin disease, improves the skin texture


                   32        Pathimukha                   Blood purifier, wound healing property


33                 Neem

            Azadiracta indica          Improves the Skin texture, removes the

                                                                   discolouration on the skin, Blood purifier


                  34         Dill tree


                               graveolence)                 Good for bladder disorders, Eye diseases


                 35          Cuscuss grass

                               Vetiveria zizanoides.     Removes the burning sensation of the body and bad odour


                35           Triphala                        Good for digestion, anti aging, obesity, improving eye sight


                36           Brahmi                         Good for memory, and for relieving constipation in children