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8  Total Ayurvedic Project Consultancy
8  Courses on Ayurveda and Panchakarma
8  Free Online Ayurvedic Consultation
8  Yoga Therapy
8  Conducts Ayurvedic workshops Europe & US
8  Conducts Ayurvedic Consultation Europe & US
We are in the field of Ayurveda for the last 150 years, in the field of manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines since 1924, in the field of Ayurvedic hospital for the last 25 years.
About Us
Sri Guruvayurappan Ayurveda Nursing Home, owe its origin to the inspirational exhortation of Late Dr K.R.Prabhakaran who belongs to a distinguished class of Emanate Ayurvedic practitioners who established the pristine glory of Ayurvedic Medicine by treating people from all walks of life. Presently our Chief Physician is DR. K. Lakshmy Prabhakaran has a professional healing experience of 35 years and administered by their son Dr.K.P.Sankara Narayanan.

SGANH is backed by a sound infrastructure that includes a 30 bed Ayurvedic Hospital operating a well-equipped Manufacturing Plant and a sale outlet of Health Care Products-managed by a team of traditionally experienced & qualified Physicians in providing the best of care to ensure you to experience the spirit of Ayurveda in its purest form.

Guruvayur - world famous temple of Lord Krishna in India attracting thousands of pilgrims from all parts of the Country selected as the perfect locale. It's just ½ km away. Of all places in Kerala Guruvayur has a special significance for Ayurveda in that it has earned a reputation as a center for treatment of Rheumatism and other ailments. Lord Guruvayurappan is believed to be too soft and greatly partial towards Rheumatic patients who seeks his blessings as a last resort. The other attractions are Palayoor Christian Church - an ancient church believed to be founded by St. Thomas the Apostle. Punnathur Kotta-An ancient Fort which houses 60 temple elephants. More than that Guruvayur is very near to Trichur the Cultural capital of Kerala. Well connected by nearest airport Nedumbassery (80 kms), Guruvayur railway- station (1km) and bus station.

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Ayurveda is a "holistic science" of preserving health, which harmonizes Body, mind and soul.

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