Nowadays cost for the dental procedures is very high in Europe, USA, & UK

to cut down the cost and to get quality treatment we provide you the facility in Kerala, It much cheaper compared to the cost in other countries at the same time

offers you utmost quality of work.

The following procedures can be done in our affiliated centres.

Periodontics The treatment for Gums

Bone Grafting Procedures

Combination Procedures

Crown Lengthening

Depigmentation of the Gums

Pocket reduction surgery

Pedodontics (dentistry for the child)

Preventive Dental Care

Resin Treatment for the Prevention of Dental Decay

Prosthodontics Crowns & Bridges

Crown and Bridges




Aesthetic orthodontics

Australian light wire Orthodontic technique

McLaughlin Bennett Trevisi Pre Adjusted Edgewise Appliance

Orthodontic Treatments

Oral Surgery

Minor Oral Surgeries

Conservative Dentistry

Inlays and Onlays

Restorative Dentistry nano technology


Cosmetic contouring of the teeth ASET

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Tooth Sparklers