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Magical experience of panchakarma restore your vigour & vitality.



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8  Total Ayurvedic Project Consultancy
8  Courses on Ayurveda and Panchakarma
8  Free Online Ayurvedic Consultation
8  Yoga Therapy
8  Conducts Ayurvedic workshops Europe & US
8  Conducts Ayurvedic Consultation Europe & US
We are in the field of Ayurveda for the last 150 years, in the field of manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines since 1924, in the field of Ayurvedic hospital for the last 25 years.
Business Opportunities
1) Book for a Ayurvedic workshop/consultation @ your place

Book an Ayurvedic program @ special discounted rates (For dealers only)

2) Ayurvedic Medical Tourism
Book for a group @ special discounted rates (For dealers only)

3) Courses on Ayurveda and Panchakarma

Book for a group@ special discounted rates (For dealers only)

4) Ayurvedic Centre setup

Setup an Ayurvedic centre and get benefited out of it

5) Ayurvedic Medicine distribution

You can be sole distributor of some special medicines and other products like herbal tea etc

6) Ayurvedic Equipments

Many Ayurvedic centres need Ayurvedic wooden beds and other Panchakarma equipments @ special discounted rates (For dealers only)

7) Ayurvedic book dealership

There are many Ayurvedic books which comes under our organization

@ special discounted rates (For dealers only)

Ayurvedic Medical Tourism

Set up a centre @ your place

Online Ayurvedic Pharmacy

Gold & Silver memberships

Ayurvedic formulas

Business Opportunities

Vedic Medical Astrology

Medicinal Herbs

Aurvedic Workshops @ your Place Aurvedic Consultations @ your Place

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Today’s Quotes
Ayurveda is a "holistic science" of preserving health, which harmonizes Body, mind and soul.

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