Ayurvedic Recipe




Name of the Dish: Basundi




Milk                                        4 Li

Sugar                                      1250 g

Saffron                                    3 Table spoon

Cardamom Powder                 2 Table spoon

Nutmeg Powder                      2 Table spoon

Pistachio Powder                    125 g




It increases a little bit of Kapha, and its useful in increased Vata & Pitha


Method of preparation


1)      Boil the milk on a low flame around 1 hour or till the milk become condensed.

2)      Stir it well continuously while boiling

3)      Then add sugar and pistachio cut pieces

4)      Show the saffron on flame and the crush and add with a little bit of milk and add to the basundi boil it for about 10 min.