Vedic Medical Astrology


Medical Astrology is that branch of Astrology dealing with Health. The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are linked to the Twelve Limbs of the body.      The   Ascendant rules the Head and the 12th House, the Feet.


The Law of Correspondences of Classical Philosophy has   another term ďThe Doctrine of Signatures". This doctrine states that objects - animate and inanimate - are governed by planets and Classical Astrology has taken this concept beyond "The Law of Cause and Effect" and has defined it as Archetypal or Psychological.


Reflections of the intrinsic qualities of the planets can be seen in    people, plants, animals & minerals. All that we see, touch, consume & harvest has a correspondence. By knowing our own planetary  signature,  we can  consume  those  materials  which  correspond  to  our     planetary signature and thus a healthy balance can be maintained. (In my horoscope, Jupiter is posited in Cancer and hence powerful in positional as well as directional strength.    If I am afflicted by any sort of disease, the escape route is the Jupiterian Way - viz consuming more vegetables and fruits, as he rules fruits and vegetables. If I do that, I will be implementing what the Great Seers said long ago ďNaturopathic food is medicine and medicine is food")!


Since the Zodiacal Signs represent the   Five Elements

( Ether , Fire, Air, Earth & Water ),  the ancient astrological savants  assigned  everything  in  the  Universe  to a planetary  ruler,     and considered all as the manifestation of the Elemental Five and their respective qualities - hot and dry, cold and dry, hot and humid , cold and humid. Jupiter rules "Kapha" and the   Sun "Pitta' (the three humors of Ayurveda). These elements were understood in a physical & metaphysical sense, as per the principle "As Above, So Below ".  Many body constitutions are defined in Ayurveda. The Phlegmatic (predominance of Kapha), the Bilious (preponderance of Pitta) & the Windy (predominance of Vata). There are 4 types of Body Constitution in Western Holistic Medicine - Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric and Melancholic.


Ayurvedic Therapy

The Seven Planets correspond to the Three humours (Doshas) in Ayurveda


In the Ayurvedic Model, the Seven Revolving Heavens are classified thus (Vatam Pittayutha Karothi Dinakrith)



Jupiter              Kapha

Sun                  Pitta

Moon              Vata & Kapha

Mars                Pitta

Mercury           Pitta, Vata & Kapha

Venus              Vata & Kapha

Saturn              Vata



The seven planets correspond to the Seven Gross Tissue- elements (Dhatus) thus


 Jupiter              Fat

Saturn              Veins

Mars                Bone Marrow

Sun                  Bones

Moon               Blood

Mercury           Skin

Venus               Seminal Energy


By analyzing the horoscope, the astrologer can discern the badly placed planet   and      the corresponding Dhatu which has caused the problem and can prescribe Ayurvedic remedial measures ("Dushthithasyadi Dhatustho Rogeenam Roga Eeryatham")



Medical Astrology's perspective about the 12 Houses of the Zodiac         


House Organ 

Ist House                      Head

2nd House                    Face

Third House                 Throat

Fourth House               Heart

Fifth House                   Place beneath the heart

Sixth House                  Stomach

Seventh House             Generative Organ

Eighth House                Upper Thigh

Ninth House                 Thigh

Tenth House                 Knee

Eleventh House             Calf

Twelfth House              Feet


If the 6 H is afflicted, there can be digestive tract disorders. Natural malefic in the 6 H   may create hyperacidity and gas trouble.  Affliction either to the 7th house means disorders of the digestive tract, hyperacidity and gas trouble (Papa Saptamagah Tadodara Ruja).  The same holds good for the 6 H (Papa Shashtagatha Tadodararuja ). If the 6 H or the 7 H is   afflicted, one should be very careful about the body's acidity level. The body's PH value should be kept   at 7. Anything less than 7 is dangerous. The 80% alkaline nature of the body should be kept up   & acidity should not be above 20%. The best foods to be taken are Vedic Foods, which are low acidity; low cholesterol diet. The Acidity- Alkalinity ratio should be kept at 80% -20%. That ratio can be maintained if you consume 100 grams fruits and 300 grams vegetables daily and   avoid non-natural food. Natural foods are alkaline and non-veg basically acidic.   From experience, it can be discerned that not only malefic planets bring in problems from enemies, but also problems to the stomach ( Pape Shashtopagathe Vrina Bhayaschora Satru Peeda Cha ).

If the 12 H is afflicted by malefic planets, there can be affliction to the feet. We have seen many a patient suffering from 12 H affliction and which manifests as problems on the feet.


Similarly, 4 H affliction means trouble to the Heart. I knew one patient with heart problem who had the North Node in the Fourth. He had a heart surgery. The North Node in the Heart region in the horoscope had effectuated this problem.


There are some astrologers who take this from the Horoscope of the Cosmic Man that is from his Ascendant Aries. This method also yields results but from our experience, we follow the dictum of Natal   Astrology that it is the Ascendant of the native which is the head and   the Descendant the stomach region. I know many an astrologer who follow this from Aries Asc & if a malefic is posited in Virgo, in the 6 H of the Kalapurusha

(Cosmic Man), he predicts stomach problems for the native. (Kalanarasya Avayavath Purushanam Kalpayeth ).   Or if a malefic is posited in Taurus, he predicts wounds on the face for the native.


Affliction to any house indicates affliction to the corresponding part of the body. North Node -      or any other malefic - in the Sixth is indicative of stomach trouble & ulceration. Fourth house affliction means that the heart is afflicted and first house affliction means that the head is afflicted. (Pape Lagnagathe Parajaya Bhaya Siroruja ) 




The planets correspond to the different systems of Man thus


Sun                  The Bone System 

Moon               The Circulatory System

Mars                The Muscular System 

Mercury           The Venous (veins) System

Venus              The Reproductive System 

Jupiter              The Digestive System 

Saturn              The Excretory System 


From experience, Vedic Medical Astrology is found to be very accurate. In    my father's horoscope, he had a specific yoga for Arthritis with Jupiter in Libra Asc and Saturn in Aries. My mother has Saturn in the 12 H; she has a problem in the leg. My co-brother has Mars in the 12 H; he is suffering from some nerve problem on the feet. I personally have the North Node in the 6 H and I have hyperacidity and gas trouble (Papa Shashtagatha Tadodararuja)!



Ayurvedic Gem Therapy


The following stones are prescribed in Ayurveda for specific disorders


Cancer                         Emerald

Allergy                         Hessonite  

Skin Diseases               Catís Eye, Lapis Lazuli  

Insomnia                       Pearl  

Paralysis                       Amethyst

Nervous                       Blue Sapphire  

Rheumatism                  Blue Sapphire, Ruby  

Arthritis                        Blue Sapphire  

Impotence                    Topaz Coral 

Diabetes                       White Coral, Diamond, Emerald, Topaz

Liver problems             Coral  

Jaundice                       Coral, Emerald, Topaz  

Hyperacidity                 Hessonite  

Gastric Ulcer                Blue Sapphire

Flatulence                     Jade, Lapis Lazuli  

Dyspepsia                    Jade  

Dysentery                     Emerald  

Colic                            Catís Eye  

Cholera                        Catís Eye, Topaz  

Abdominal                    Emerald


Heart Troubles             Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli  

Pneumonia                    Diamond   

Palpitation                    Topaz  

Tuberculosis                 Blue Sapphire

Chest Pain                    Emerald, Ruby  




Article by G Kumar